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You've got questions about food on a boat - and I've got answers. From resources to tips and favorite ways to think about flexibility in the galley, it's all here.

Being Fit2Sail means being ready to cruise. Even in the galley!

Hand me an apron!

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Yes, you CAN cook! (Food videos for days)

4 Lessons

For 6 years, I put out weekly food videos on YouTube. Short, actionable, POSSIBLE recipes and ways to think about food. Start small and work your way up - and these can help you wherever you are on the food journey thing.

I've gathered a few great-to-know basics grouped by topic.

  • 4 salad dressing videos (and recipes)
  • 7 bread videos and recipes
  • 5 videos about meal planning/menu planning/cooking ahead/cooking on the fly

Cruising Meal Planning Made Easy

1 Lessons

Meal planning on land is hard enough.

On a boat?

Let me run screaming right now.

Only . . . NOT!

5 tips on how to meal plan and menu plan effectively, efficiently, and effervescently (a stretch? Maybe?).

 Just what I want. Thanks!

Cookbooks and more!

4 Lessons

What cookbooks are worth the limited shelf space I have on board? Ones that give me good solid basic recipes I can adjust and make my own. These I would not travel without!

Clicking on the lesson will give you more information about each one. Just want links here to buy them? Shortcut city! (PS. Required disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

The Boat Galley Cookbook

The Boat Galley Guide to Storing Food Without Refrigeration

Cooks Illustrated New Best Recipes

The Ultimate Guide to at-home Pizza Perfection

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