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Downsizing: A course in 4 parts [PAID COURSE]

Decide and purge, right? How is that so hard? You want me to spend money to learn how to do this?

If it's that easy, why haven't you done it yet?

Simple. Because it's NOT that easy. It's tough psychologically to get rid of the items we've accumulated over the years. Looking at a huge pile of it can be so overwhelming it's just easier to close the door and walk away.

Chris DiCroce has outlined a step-by-step guide to take you through the whole process. You'll learn

  • the psychology of stuff
  • how to define junk (room by room!)
  • how to sort through the not-junk that's left
  • how to sell the not-junk that you don't want to keep
  • how to declutter your DIGITAL life (this is such a bonus!!!)

He offers support via a private Facebook group as well as discussion capability in the course itself.

Plus, if you do the course with me? You'll join my Facebook group for people also going through it right now, AND we have weekly zoom calls for extra help and motivation. 

What are you waiting for? Your decluttered, downsize-able life is just a click away!



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