"Self-Sufficient Galley: a practical guide to food confidence" now available! 

Welcome Aboard!

Take your next steps to sailing into the sunset - whether you're just investigating the idea or are ready to cast off the docklines.

There's a lot of free content to take in and a couple of paid courses for when you need more in-depth information.

"Fit" means being ready, being prepared. Now you're getting Fit2Sail!

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Stocking Up Sanely: preparing for quarantine

Worried about how to stock up for a quarantine? All you need to know to stock up effectively, right here in a few pdfs.

The Self-Sufficient Galley: a practical guide to food confidence

Regardless of whether you are based in a palatial land-based kitchen or a small sea-going galley, here's your practical guide to all things food: stocking up, storing, and preparing. Not convinced? Click Learn More!

Take the Next Steps to Cruising! [free and paid resources]

Cruising isn't all beaches and umbrella drinks. It's not as simple as "buy a boat and leave the dock to circle the globe."

It takes preparation, both mental and physical.

It takes a leap of faith, and a few stumbling blocks along the way.

I'm all about helping you decide if this lifestyle is for you, and then helping you confidently sail away from the shore.

Won't you step aboard?

Crash Course on Cruising [PAID COURSE]

Ever wondered what is involved with this "sailing off into the sunset" lifestyle? (It's called cruising!) Is it all beaches and umbrella drinks? What questions might you want to be asking? In this course you'll hear about

  • boat and budget
  • weather
  • maintenance
  • minimalism
  • healthy lifestyle - or not?
  • daily life

This course is designed to get you thinking about the behind-the-scenes of life on a boat - and helping you see if cruising might be right for you! 

Cruising Meal Planning Made Simple [FREE!]

Worried about how you'll feed your crew on your upcoming cruise? Stressing out about how much to buy, what to cook, how to manage it all? This FREE guide will help you take a deep breath, answer these 4 questions, and be prepared to be amazed at how easy it all is. You totally can do this!

The Boat Galley Guide To Storing Food Without Refrigeration [e-book]

You're on land, with a huge refrigerator (maybe even 2, if you've got a garage fridge). And you're about to head off on a boat that has a TINY fridge (or even no fridge at all.) Are you doomed to eat canned glop for the rest of your life?

Never fear. Carolyn Shearlock, of The Boat Galley website (and my podcast partner!) has written another winner of a book with this one.

Best of all? You buy it and it's yours immediately, no muss and no fuss.

No bookshelf space required.


Downsizing: A course in 4 parts [PAID COURSE]

Now you know you're headed off cruising. What do you do with all that STUFF? It's everywhere - and there's no way even part of it will fit on the boat. HELP ME!

Here's a step-by-step guide to downsizing, from identifying why we have all that stuff to deciding what to keep (room by room, even!) to selling it. There's even a module on how to declutter your digital life - as important as figuring out how to get rid of the growing pile under the bathroom sink.

Why spend money on learning how to downsize?

1. Having someone tell you how to go about it is immensely freeing. It's like they're giving you permission to say goodbye.

2. The tips on how to sell will likely more than pay for the cost of the course.

Sure, you can do it on your own. Doing it this way will save you time, angst, worry, and maybe even earn you a few bucks for the cruising kitty.

FastSeas - weather routing made simple!

Passage planning and weather routing, in a simple-to-use, easy-to-implement package. Start with the passage basics (where you're leaving from, where you want to go), add in rudimentary boat parameters (length at waterline and tacking angle), and away you go. FastSeas is the perfect addition to your on-board passage resources.

11 Fun Boating-Themed IG Accounts to follow

A little distraction. Dream fodder. Whatever you like!

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