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Crash Course on Cruising [PAID COURSE]

Here are 11 drool-worthy Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration as you're dreaming about this "set sail off into the sunset" lifestyle. They run the gamut from circumnavigators to boat builders and all stages in between.

Sailing Totem

Traveling Jules

Sailing Soulianis

MorseAlpha Expeditions

The Boat Galley

Sailing The Bakery

Tulas Endless Summer

Sailing Kittiwake

SOBAD Nomads

Sampson Boat Co

Jonathan Rihan

Remember, though, that Instagram usually focuses on highlights. They're not the only part of cruising life. There's stuff you need to know that you might not see on IG feeds - the behind-the-scenes reality. Do you wonder what it's really like? More importantly, is it right for you?

I cover all of that in Crash Course on Cruising!

9 Modules


A quick video and written introduction of Nica (the teacher) and the course.

Boat and Budget Questions

Dinner table conversation-sparkers about your budget, the boat, and your general philosophy about life.

Weather Matters!

As a land-based human, we check weather for the basics. Do I need a sweater today? Is it smart to plan a trip to the amusement park? Can I plan on grilling for dinner? There’s probably not a question as to whether the house will blow away or if you’ll be able to get to the grocery store.

Some general thoughts as well as 9 discussion points for you as you think about the cruising lifestyle. When you've invented the weather machine and can dial in your perfect atmosphere, let me know!

The Plumber in Paradise: Maintenance

"Cruising is boat repair in exotic places." Well, maybe. You'll certainly have to learn to work on your own boat, if you're like 99% of the cruisers we run into. Even if your budget allows for hiring of others most of the time, you will still have to do some of the work yourself! 

Some of the key skills you'd be better off learning are mentioned in this module. Sure, there're lots more. But these are the basics! 

Minimalism - It's Back in Style

Cruising. Where you pare life down to the things you really find critical to the way you want to live. Is this limiting or freeing? The answer is up to you!

Is Cruising Really Healthy?

Fresh food, fresh air, fresh life. Is cruising as healthy as the magazine covers make it seem?

What Do You Do All Day? The reality of daily life aboard.

Beaches. Umbrella drinks. Hurricanes. Pirates. Your vision of cruising might be these two extremes - in this module, you'll learn a bit about the true reality of life aboard.

Bonus: Cruising, Calypso-style

Is cruising really worth it? Maybe this video will show you my perspective.

Wrap up

A quick recap of what you've learned, with ideas and guidance for your next steps.

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