"Self-Sufficient Galley: a practical guide to food confidence" now available! 

The Self-Sufficient Galley: a practical guide to food confidence

Overwhelmed by the idea of stocking up, storing food, and (most of all) cooking that food? Once you're in, you'll see:

  • how to stock up sanely, including what to buy and how much 
  • how to organize your storage, including tips on maximizing refrigerator space and how to keep track of what you have
  • cooking basics, including making bread and salad dressing from always-on-hand ingredients

This resource holds all my best tips for eating well from what you have on hand, with tricks learned from years of living aboard a small sailboat. Whether you're on land or on a boat, what you learn here will save you time and money - plus pay extra dividends in deliciousness!

You choose what to pay. We're in a stressful, uncertain time; this information can be really valuable and time-saving. Whether you're in a position to honor my work by paying full price for the course, or just need this guidance at a very minimal cost so your life is less stressful, or somewhere in between, I hope you can stay safe and healthy. 

8 Modules

Introduction: how to use this guide

Overview of the course, what to expect and how to go through it. (Hint: there's no right or wrong way to go about it!)

Meal planning!

Meal planning helps with list-making. But how do you figure out what you'll eat each day for a month? Simple: you shift the way you plan your meals. In this module, we share ideas about meal planning in response to

  • weather
  • inspiration
  • what's about to go bad

Plus a special module to help you plan food for a charter.

Stocking Up Sanely

Making sure you have enough of the right food is the big worry. How do you do that? It's a matter of asking the right questions!

Storing it all

Sometimes buying the food and the storage question is a little bit of a chicken and egg situation. How do you know how much food to buy if you don't know where it will all go (or if it will all fit)? How do you know where you'll store it until you have bought it? These are valid concerns - and they're also not.

You'll need to figure out WHERE you'll store stuff. On a boat, this comes with some complications. 

Learn about

  • storage on a boat
  • storage in a house
  • specific storage tips for anything
  • garbage


Garbage - it's not someone else's responsibility any more. Some practical tips on how to reduce the amount of trash you generate.

Bread Making

The magic results when you mix flour, yeast (or other leavening), salt, and water - and a little bit of time for rising and baking - can't be overstated. This module includes lessons, videos, and recipes for you.

Salad Dressing

  • Learn salad dressing basics, with recipes and techniques for vinaigrette
  • ranch
  • caesar
  • sesame-ginger

BONUS: The Ultimate Guide To At-Home Pizza Perfection

Dough, sauce, special garlic oil, techniques and favorite recipes, all here. Honed from years of pizza baking at home, this book will give you all you need to know to make the ultimate homemade pizza. Yum!

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