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Maybe you're curious about this cruising thing. Maybe you wonder who I am. Maybe you're just investigating the content portal, wandering around to see what's here.

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Who's Nica anyway?

Hi! I'm Nica.

Like you, I wear a lot of hats. Mom, wife, teacher. Writer podcaster friend lover of wine.

Sailor. Cruiser. 

We've owned our same sailboat, a 28' fiberglass cutter named Calypso, since 1992 and have cruised her extensively with and without kids. We're currently prepping her for the next cruise, this one the "as long as it's fun" one.

Over the years I've learned a lot about sailing, cruising, life aboard, and a whole host of other things. I'd love to share them with you, to save you some heartache and time and money.

And especially to share the joy.

It's a lot of joy.

What is this cruising thing?

Cruising. Not on a cruise ship. Not bar hopping to pick up your next paramour.

Nope. Cruising is living on a boat, traveling around. The boat can be small or big, motor or sail, monohull or multihull.

There are a lot of myths about what cruising is about. I'm here to talk about the realities!


About this site

What is this spot?

It's a resource center. A better-edited wiki for cruisers and cruiser-planning-to-bes. A spot for you to find all the information you never knew you needed as you learn about this lifestyle.

All the on-board stuff you want to know about

Basically, it's your new best friend.

(It'll be better if you let me know what questions you still have. Really. I like questions.)

Check it out!

PS. Do you want to put all your different kinds of content in one place? This is THE BEST platform out there. Besides being user-friendly and so freaking easy to navigate, MemberVault's founders embody everything awesome about customer service. 

They're like super-helpful cruisers, only on a software platform. I think they can be named honorary cruisers. That's the highest compliment I can pay.


Food on Board: how to plan, shop, store, and COOK!

The question of food is tough enough on land. What about on a boat? How do you plan-shop-store-prep-cleanup in a space that moves?


Relax. I got you.

From planning to provisioning to cooking, you'll learn all my tricks. 

Yes, you can.

Staying In Shape On Board: the why, the how, and the where

The importance of staying in shape aboard is often overlooked. After all, cruising is super healthy, right? 

Being able to react quickly in situations, being stable on an unstable platform, being strong enough to lift and pivot and crank and haul - all of these are reasons to work on your physical fitness.

When you're strong and flexible, life is easier. Let's make life on board easier too!

Included lessons:

  • video
  • pdf
  • (coming soon: create your own workout routine for the boat!)

Getting past the hard stuff so you can get to the FUN!


Overwhelmed by all the pieces you need to learn/do to get out there? Don't be. From downsizing before you go to keeping in touch after you're out there, there are simple tips to help you breathe (and breeze) through it.

In this section, you'll get information and ideas/resources to help you with the stuff you need to figure out to actually GET. OUT. THERE.

You'll see lessons on:

  • learning more about this whole cruising thing
  • downsizing
  • understanding and managing expectations - yours AND others'!
  • (more coming!)

All this and a lot more.

Come on in. The water is fantastic!

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