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Take the Next Steps to Cruising! [free and paid resources] What is this cruising thing? Cruising - the real deal

Cruising - the real deal

Cruising is filled with moments.

Not all will make the pages of a magazine.

Here are some of ours. All of these clips and photos are shot by us, either on our own boat or on a friend's boat.

See how many not-beaches you can see!


Lesson Activity

Think about the skills you noticed in this video, skills you either have already or want to learn before you go. How can you learn them?

3 Lessons

What is this cruising thing?

Cruising. Not on a cruise ship. Not bar hopping to pick up your next paramour.

Nope. Cruising is living on a boat, traveling around. The boat can be small or big, motor or sail, monohull or multihull.

There are a lot of myths about what cruising is about. I'm here to talk about the realities!


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