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Take the Next Steps to Cruising! [free and paid resources] What is this cruising thing? Cruising Information In Your Pocket

Cruising Information In Your Pocket

Cruising is filled with lots of lessons. Carolyn Shearlock, from The Boat Galley, and I podcast every week to share some of these lessons with you.

Topics include:

And more!

Like me, Carolyn is an experienced cruiser. Her cookbook is the go-to "must have" galley resource on board any boat. Like me, she teaches at Cruisers University, helping about-to-be-cruisers with confidence and knowledge.

We spend a lot of time trying to save you time and pain.

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Welcome aboard!

PS. Each link is to one podcast episode; there are more than one on the given topic in the show. Any other links may contain affiliate links; as an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualified purchases.



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What is this cruising thing?

Cruising. Not on a cruise ship. Not bar hopping to pick up your next paramour.

Nope. Cruising is living on a boat, traveling around. The boat can be small or big, motor or sail, monohull or multihull.

There are a lot of myths about what cruising is about. I'm here to talk about the realities!


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Coming aboard!

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